Faith Over Fear

Imah Usen

Posted on October 04 2019

Faith Over Fear

Whenever you launch something new, there’s always this initial feeling that (if we are really honest with ourselves) that we have in the pit of our stomach. Will it work? What will people think? Is it worth it?

Well, if I can be honest, I have been feeling the same way. Worried about everyyyyyy thing, but praying about nothing at all. I had a literal come to Jesus meeting, and I had to get myself together. The enemy will try to steal your joy and kill your dreams, but God is so much bigger.

I began changing my mindset about my problems and started focusing on how to find solutions. I began holding myself accountable.  I began surrounding myself around others that actually made me feel good about where I am going. Most importantly, I began to pray again. The worst thing I could’ve done was block God out of my decisions, but when I made those changes, things began to turn around. And now I’m READY.

I am so excited to share with you guys what’s been going on with me. Soooo….ConfidentlySHE is now K. Kulture, and I am so excited to share more about the revelations that I've had, and why I switched it up. I'll give a more detailed explanation a little later, but there were a few reasons why I made my decision:

1. My vision changed. The "K" in K. Kulture stands for kingdom. I am so excited to merge my belief in God with our kulture. I found that so many young adult Christians feel uncomfortable around other believers because they are being judged more than accepted. I want to create a platform where we are free to be youthful and STILL love and honor God
2. I wanted to offer items for men. Ayeeee. Finally, your friends, husbaes, and cousins have been begging for some gear, and I finally have gender neutral items for the fellas too!

I’m so glad that I chose faith over fear because now I am in such a great place of peace and alignment. My prayer is that if you a struggling with making decision about something in your life, you be BOLD and have FAITH!

Until next time,

Imah B

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