Live and Love Freely

Imah Usen

Posted on September 14 2019

Live and Love Freely

Today's message is a little different, but I do think that there is a lesson in tragedy. If you haven't heard the news already, famous rapper Nipsey Hustle passed away while in front of his own store. Not only was he a rapper- he truly advocated for his community, and did all that he could to make sure that they were knowledgeable and had opportunities to better themselves.

My message for you all today is so simple. DO EVERYTHING THAT YOU CAN DO TODAY so that there are never any regrets at the end of your story. Something's are not explainable; however, we can turn this terrible and senseless act into a couple of sweet reminders.

  1. Live Freely You are not bound by anyone's thoughts or opinions. There's always time to start over and make things right- whether it's a new career, a friendship that didn't end on the best of terms, or a bad decision that you made. Do not be held captive by your thoughts or guilt.
  2. Love Fully I think it's definitely time that we TRULY start loving one another as God loves us. As adults we believe that we have time, but it isn't promised. Don't Forget that you are not perfect and to give yourself grace for the hiccups of life.
  3. Selflessly Help Others Sometimes we become so consumed with life that we forget to look out for the next person. I truly believe that we can slow down for a second to help our fellow sis/man. Let's help each other grow into the best versions of ourselves.

I pray that you guys have an amazing week!!

Imah B

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