New Year . New Me … Right?

New Year . New Me … Right?

 Hey family! So, it’s my favorite time of the year… and no I’m not talking about Fall (which I absolutely love by the way because it’s a bomb reminder of how nothing ever stays the same forever and seasons do change). We consistently keep evolving and becoming as we do this thing called life. But, I’m talking about the BIG 3.0. Whewww.. Yall it’s my Birthday Month! If you haven't taken advantage of the birthday sale… uhhh catch up! Visit and use code BDAY30 for 30 percent off!

30 has already been such an eye opener and reminder of God’s promises. I refused to bring the sameeeee nonsense into a new decade of life, so I took time to make necessary changes. Often times, we give way too much attention to what we are lacking instead of focusing on what God has already done for us! Or how about this… giving way too much time and attention to absolutely useless and dead situations. Ouch.. I know that one might have stung you just a little bit. Trust me, I’m no different. I fell into ugly cycles, and it literally drove me crazy. So, I decided to change my perspective and just be still and LISTEN to Him for once..But of course, as soon as you think that you’ve overcome something that you’re struggling with, here comes Issue ABC ready to blow up your world.

I can personally say that I have struggled with Imposter Syndrome for the last year. Imposter Syndrome is “the persistent inability to believe that one's success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one's own efforts or skills.” It was very hard for me to believe that I was worthy of the life that I wanted and the success I have now. I was my biggest obstacle. The past 6 months has been an ugly process of uncovering years and years of issues that I swept under the rug. Here are three steps I followed to overcome that:

Own Your Ish. I quickly learned that sweeping things under the rug is never the solutions to one’s problems. It teaches you to be passive aggressive and trains your mind that how you feel is unimportant. It literally smothers your inner voice which eventually causes you to blow up from time to time. Speaking up and owning your issues is the first step in growing past what you’re going through. Find GOOD friends that won’t shame you for feeling the way that you do or even get professional counseling. Unearthing your Ish will help you feel better and operate from a much healthier space.

Control the Narrative. I'm sure everyone has heard the saying “it’s not what you say but how you say it.” That became very key for me. No, this isn’t just what you are saying to others, which by the way is VERY important. Often times, we are more careful with what we say to others, but we neglect our self and inner talk. Be careful with what you say to yourself . Proverbs 23: 7 speaks on how what you think can essentially become who you are. You have the power to manifest (with the accompanying actions) whatever you set yourself to! Watch your language.

Learn Your Triggers. So you’ve done the inner work. You’ve gone to counseling. Maybe talked to your abusive parent. Talked to a dismissive friend. You’ve talked through the things that have been holding you back and you’ve been good for a minute! Then BOOM. You find yourself back in that sunken hole looking those issues right in the face. I quickly had to learn that even though I address my issues… that doesn’t mean that they won't pop back up from time to time. I had to take the time to identify triggers that negatively changed the way that I felt. Next time that this happens to you, identify the trigger, isolate it, and leave it alone. You absolutely have every right to drop any and everything that disturbs your peace.

All in all yall, it’s my birthday month, and so far it has been amazing!!!! Now I can be creative again and design bomb apparel for y'all at for Black Friday!!. For those who are struggling with a particular issue, remember that just like the seasons- things change. But don’t neglect the inner work that is necessary in order to avoid being affected by the same issues! You don’t have to wait until the new year or another birthday to grow. Choose Today. Here’s to your new season!

Hopefully y'all felt me. Let me know what you think (if you agree or disagree or even have more to add). Until next time … continue to change the kulture.


Imah B

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